New format for minors traveling outside Mexico alone or with a third party

Establishes the National Migration Institute scheme to protect and facilitate the transition of children

The Federal Government will leave the country unaccompanied minors, through a new format that will safeguard the integrity of infants and avoid being victims of crime in transit.

The Official Journal of the Federation (DOF) published last January 6, 2014 the Lower Output Format (SAM) by which parents or guardians of children and adolescents with Mexicans or foreigners legally resident or who have adopted Mexican nationality may give consent for minors to leave the country in the company of a third party.

The above format provides for three mechanisms for unaccompanied minors can travel alone: through lower output format issued by the National Migration Institute (INM); the marked by a notary public or notary or, where appropriate, judicial authorization document.

The new format so that minors can travel alone or with a third party facilitation is a measure of the INM made available to users on its website, where access to SAM, which must be duly be taken filling line for a printed time, it is lodged at the time when a minor seeks to leave the country.

According to the criteria for immigration procedures, the SAM should be on three goals: one for the user (acknowledgment), one for the airline and one for delivery to the immigration authorities at the point of departure, which must be accompanied single copy of the passport and birth certificate of the child IDs grantors (parent or guardian) and the person receiving the permit.

The SAM is a free document issued by the INM online immediately, will be valid for six months from issue until its use and may only be processed for each output format and for each child. If the child leaves country on several occasions you must apply a new format for each trip.

It is noteworthy that the delivery of the SAM to the immigration authorities will be mandatory for Mexican children and foreign children with dual nationality (one Mexican); as well as foreigners with temporary residence, temporary or permanent student.

It shall not be required in cases of children traveling with both parents, with one of them or their guardian, nor in cases of children and adolescents who are to be repatriated to Mexico.


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