Countries and regions that require a visa to travel to Mexico

The nationals of the following countries or regions must obtain a visa to travel to Mexico. For recreation, business or any unpaid activity in Mexico that does not exceed 180 days, they must apply in any Mexican consulate visitor visa without permission to perform remunerated activities.

Not require a Mexican visa abroad to present any of the following documents:

  • a. Visa valid and in force in the United States.
  • b. Card APEC Business Traveler (ABTC) approved by Mexico.
  • c. Certificate that certifies as a member of the crew of the aircraft on which you will come.
  • d. Sea book, if a member of the crew of the vessel up to the Mexican port on international voyages. If the crew by air up to enroll on a ship anchored in port national must show besides the sea book, document proving their enrollment, data of the vessel and the Mexican port in which this is.

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