Countries and regions that do not require a visa to travel to Mexico

The nationals of the following countries or regions do not require a visa to travel to Mexico and apply for admission as a Visitor without permission to perform remunerated activities.

In the filter of immigration review, must submit:

  • Passport or valid identification and travel that is valid under international law.
  • FMM duly completed.

The immigration authorities may request the foreign person to check the reason for your trip, using one of the following documents:

  • A. Hotel reservation, return tickets (path), tickets tours (itinerary).
  • B. Mandate letter in Spanish language of the parent company, subsidiary or foreign subsidiary indicating that the foreign person is employed by it and payment of services provided in the country shall be borne by it.
  • C. Copy of technology transfer, patents and trademarks, purchase of machinery and equipment, technical training of staff, or any other related to the production process of a company established in Mexico or binding the foreign party with the Mexican side, or proof of appointment by the shareholders of companies legally established in Mexico.
  • D. Charter public or private organization or institution in which the foreign person invited to participate in an unpaid activity within the country, revealed the purpose of the visit and the estimated time of stay. If the organization or institution bear the costs of travel and stay of the foreigner in the country shall be attached responsive letter.
  • E. Letter of invitation or acceptance of any institution belonging to the National Education System for courses, studies or research projects or training for a maximum temporary one hundred eighty days.

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