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Legal Immigration Services

Mexican Immigration

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The new MEXICAN IMMIGRATION LAW, enacted in 2012, allows aliens to live in the country TEMPORARILY or PERMANENTLY.

The IMMIGRATION SERVICES that we at Olguin & La Conte offer aims at enabling aliens to enter the country legally, allowing them to work or live in Mexico.


We also offer all the advice and support and the required filings with the NATIONAL IMMIGRATION INSTITUTE (INAMI) so companies can achieve registration (EMPLOYER REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE) allowing them to hire foreign personnel through the different types of a procedure known as EMPLOYMENT OFFER VISAS, depending upon the length of time they will be employed.

We conduct audits

We make in-house immigration audits of companies to learn about their current foreign personnel status, how they were hired and any other matter dealing with proper compliance of the current immigration rules, thus preventing future problems with and sanctions by immigration authorities.

Immigration proceedings we offer:


This procedure applies to all aliens wanting to work for a company established in Mexico with the following variables:

  Temporary Residency and Work Permit
This document authorizes a one-year stay but is renewable for another 4 years. It is for foreigners who have been offered employment in Mexico and will be paid in Mexico.

 Temporary Residency without a Work Permit
This document that authorizes a one-year stay but is renewable for another 4 years is usually for foreigners whose salary will be paid by a foreign company established outside Mexico, or for family members of a temporary resident with a work permit; they (the spouse and children) may not hold gainful employment in Mexico.

  Visitor with a Paid Activity
This document is given for a term of 180 days that may not be extended. It is given to foreigners hired by a Mexican company but for fewer than 180 days.

  Visitor without a Paid Activity
This document is given for a term of 180 days that may not be extended. It is given to foreigners coming to Mexico to give technical advice, to attend board meetings, visit subsidiaries and whose salary is paid directly by a foreign company. This kind of document is also given to family members accompanying him or her.


We ensure that any Mexican company (recently created or already in business) incorporated in Mexico obtains its registration at the National Immigration Institute, allowing them to hire foreign personnel.

Current immigration law that the company has a valid registration in INAMI as a prerequisite for allying for an EMPLOYMENT OFFER VISA.

The EMPLOYER CERTIFICATE is given after submitting all legal items proving the Company’s lawful incorporation and operations.

One registration has been accepted, we will be in a position to recruit the required foreign personnel.

Also, if the company already has said registration, we will take care of any UPDATES with immigration authorities.


This procedure aims at obtaining an extension of your immigration document as a Temporary Resident or Temporary Resident with a work permit.

We at Olguin & La Conte offer efficient, quick and sure services so the renewal process will no longer be a headache year after year until you are given permanent residency.


If you are currently married to a Mexican national or have a foreign relative who has temporary residency in the country, we can counsel you and carry out the required filings for you to obtain an immigration document as a TEMPORARY RESIDENT and then later on, if you want or have an employment offer, you can file for TEMPORARY RESIDENCY WITH A WORK PERMIT.


Our current immigration law allows you to obtain one of the different qualifications for permanent residency, the most noteworthy being:

You can obtain permanent residency if:

– You have a Mexican child;
– You have been married to a Mexican national for more than 2 years and have had temporary residency for the same amount of time;
– You have lived in the country continuously for at least 4 years;
– The National Immigration Institute has issued a decision in this regard in accordance with the point system established for this purpose;
– If you have ties with a permanent resident.

Contact us and we will give the advice you need to obtain a document allowing you to live in Mexico permanently without having to renew it year after year.


If you are now working and living in Mexico but have no document to legalize your stay in the country, contact us. We can offer you different options provided in the current immigration law so you can live legally in Mexico with peace of mind. Immigration authorities have enacted several normalization programs aimed at all those aliens who have lived in Mexico for a considerable time.


We also offer to carry out procedures dealing with immigration requests, such as:

– Permission to leave the country and return when there is an application pending resolution
– Immigration document exchanges
– Notices of change of address, change of workplace, nationality or marital status
– Replacement of a lost, stolen or misplaced immigration document or if you have a previous document than those issued nowadays.
– Obtaining a work permit if you have a temporary resident visa without proper authorization to work.


Any questions?

Contact us. We will be glad to meet with you and offer different options for you specific case.

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