Applying For Mexican Naturalization

Applying For Mexican Naturalization

Certificate Of Naturalization, Mexican Citizenship

mexico_640If you are a foreigner who has assimilated Mexican culture, if you feel proud of being a part of our country or if you already live with your family in Mexico, applying for Mexican citizenship is for you.

Contact us and we will be glad to analyze your immigration record during your stay in Mexico. Together we will evaluate the different options for obtaining Mexican citizenship.

The Citizenship Law offers the following paths to citizenship:

  Certificate of naturalization after living temporarily or permanently in Mexico for at least 5 years.
  Certificate of naturalization as a direct descendent of a Mexican.
  Certificate of naturalization if you have children born in Mexico.
  Certificate of naturalization if you were born in Latin America or on the Iberian Peninsula.
  Certificate of naturalization for providing services or performing outstanding cultural, social, scientific, technical, artistic, sports or business activities.
  Certificate of naturalization through marriage with a Mexican citizen.
  Certificate of naturalization if you are subject to the parental rights of Mexicans or are their adopted child.


This procedure normally takes about 3 months and we take care of all the application procedures from the beginning to the end.



Some of the benefits we can underscore when applying for this document are:

  Having the certificate of naturalization allows you to apply for a Mexican passport as well as a voter’s credential (known as INE).

  You are no longer an alien resident in Mexico and will no longer have to file renewal applications, change of status or any other notice you are must give Mexican immigration.

  Having Mexican citizenship enables you to claim you are a Mexican national at any time and to any international authority.

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